SXPFAH Fact Sheet

A quick fact sheet to get started and answer common FAQs.

  • SXPFAH does not require registration.
  • SXPFAH does not supply any software.
  • SXPFAH participants are required to make use of software supplied by Folding@home. Folding@home may ask you to optionally verify an email for their “passkey” system, which you benefit from by receiving bonus folding points.
  • SXPFAH participants fold using the Folding@home software. To get rewarded, participants must fold using a valid native SXP wallet address (and nothing else) as their folding username and also fold for the SXPFAH team #1063467.
  • If you want to help, but not get rewarded, you can always fold for the SXPFAH team #1063467, without using a valid wallet address as your username.
  • SXPFAH does not connect to your SXP wallet or require a running or installed SXP wallet. It also doesn’t care what wallet software you use. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have control and access to the SXP wallet you intend to get rewarded in.
  • Folding doesn’t actually mine coins or support any cryptocurrency directly.
  • SXPFAH looks at the points Folding@home says you have, then sends rewards over the Solar network to your address.
  • SXPFAH pays out each week on Sunday night. Only points folded during that week are considered for the reward.
  • SXPFAH is funded by donations and may not be able to reward every folder each week. We will try to reward the folders with the highest weekly points first, in most cases. The competition is tough and you may not get rewarded.
  • SXPFAH is a donation-based project to help charitable Solarians support our SXPFAH team’s efforts at helping scientists find cures while promoting the Solar ecosystem. There is no revenue or anyone getting rich.